Phase II Update – April 11th 2019

Phase II site work keeps moving along at a rapid pace at Stone Hill Meadows.  The countdown to the construction of new homes in Macungie, PA continues and our construction crew is busy laying the groundwork (and pipes) for this beautiful addition to our community.


Using a small army of equipment, our construction team has nearly completed the initial elevation adjustments and storm water management system.  The mountain of soil that’s been created looks like an offshoot of the beautiful South Mountain that oversees the entire development.  But over the coming weeks, this soil will be used to fill in other areas and to pad out the initial locations of lots and roads.  While things look like a sandbox at the moment, all of this work will blend seamlessly into the gorgeous natural surroundings that make Stone Hill Meadows a truly special place.



The next step in the site work process is the installation of piping for water, and there is a lot of it!  Between stormwater, sewer lines, and water lines, there is over 10,000 linear feet of piping that will be installed!  Our team is assembling the required materials and the stacks of tubing are quite the sight!  All of this piping will form a complex underground system that will ensure residents never have to think about where water comes from or goes to. Although these tubes look huge (and they are!), they still look tiny when compared to the scope of the project.



Stay tuned for further updates – soon the roads will be cut and the community will really start to take shape!

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We’ve got a lot of pipe on hand!
The amount of piping is still dwarfed by South Mountain!