Phase II Update: May 3rd 2019

Site work at Stone Hill Meadows continues along schedule.  While much of the work that is occurring at this point will never be seen when our beautiful new development in the Lehigh Valley is complete, it is still crucial to a fully functioning community.   In this update, we decided to shed a little light onto the secret world of stormwater management!

In today’s modern world, we often take for granted what happens to the water when it storms.  The reality is that beneath our feet, a complex system of piping and culverts is in place to whisk the storm water away and prevent it from damaging property and eroding soil.  At Stone Hill Meadows, we are busy installing this system.  From culverts to storm drains our construction team is well underway to installing this crucial piece of infrastructure.


Ever wondered what is beneath the humble storm sewer grate?  The answer may surprise you.  Each storm grate is just the tip of the iceberg, well actually the tip of a prefabricated concrete storm drain.  Some of these drains drop down over 10 feet under the surface!  Each of these pieces is specifically engineered to fit into place, creating an underground puzzle.  As a community geared towards getting you outside, all storm inlets are installed with bike safe steel grates.  Additionally, in furtherance of our green goals all storm inlets come with a warning not to dump waste into the storm system.  With such beautiful natural surroundings, we want to take every precaution to keep them that way!


Where does all of this water go?  Once collected by a storm drain, water is pushed into one of the two infiltration basins on the property.  These planted basins are meant to suck up water with native plant species.  By utilizing these natural species, what can be unsightly eyesores in other developments will become a beautiful and integral part of the Stone Hill Meadows ecosystem.  During large storms, both infiltration basins have outlet pipes that will shift excess water towards the naturally occurring waterways that bisect and fringe the development.  By utilizing these natural systems, Stone Hill Meadows responsibly recycles storm water and puts it to good use!  The basins (which have not yet been converted to their final product) are already attracting some local wildlife!

Stay tuned for further updates – we have some exciting next steps coming up including completing of the permanent stream crossing, the reforestation of the hillside, and the cutting of the roads!

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