Visit Nearby Beautiful Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Aside from the beauty of the immediate surroundings, Stone Hill Meadows is conveniently located nearby many exciting and interesting things to do.  When shopping for new homes for sale in Macungie, PA it is key to not only consider services and retail in the area, but also which entertainment and leisure options are close at hand.  Thanks to the nearby Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, residents of Stone Hill Meadows are a short drive from a truly unique outdoor experience.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is just a 40-minute drive from Stone Hill Meadows via Hawk Mountain Road. And every visit to the park is definitely a unforgettable trip for both adults and children.  Each year, many different species of raptors pass through Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as part of their natural migration patterns.   Visitors “flock” to the area to witness the annual migration in both the fall and the spring.  As the weather gets nicer in the Lehigh Valley, residents of Stone Hill Meadows are already close to this natural spectacle.

If you think binoculars are “for the birds,” Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has you covered with a plethora of outdoor activities.  With ample trails to hike and overnight camping, each trip provides a unique experience.  Looking for something a little more zen?  Hawk Mountain Sanctuary offers guided yoga tours on a regular basis.  Additionally, organized activities include mountain explorations, fun runs, and walkathons.

If you want to learn more about the different species that visit Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, the organization offers many opportunities to do so and actively participates in community outreach.  The Sanctuary is more than just a great place to hike and is also a scientific research center, learning facility, conservation training site, and an eco-tourism destination – with programming for all ages.  As a conservation organization with the community in mind, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary offers field trips for local schools, internships for interested young people, and raffles, parties, contests, and conventions.  What makes this place even more special is that Hawk Mountain is a private, non-profit, and member supported conservation organization.  This is what Stone Hill Meadows is all about – a community of like minded individuals who care about nature’s special places!

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